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Harry Potter Art Challenge

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Spoilers for Deathly Hallows that are not behind a cut and clearly labeled will not be tolerated.

This community is a challenge for Harry Potter fanartists.

State your claim, then draw 50 or 100 pictures relating to that subject. You can make 2 claims if you wish.

I’m encouraging people of all different levels of artistic ability to join. Hopefully, we can help each other out, because artists can always improve. I want this to be a place where encouragement and con-crit are welcome, as well as general squee.

Challenge yourself. Include characters, perspectives, and things you normally wouldn’t draw, in at least some of your pieces.

I am making a thread for tips and tutorials. If you have created a tutorial on drawing or painting or digital art, comment on this post and I will add it.

How to Join:

Click on the link at the top of this page to join the community.
Go here to see the current claims and pick up a table of your own.
Go here to see the tables. There are a few different options.
Go here to make your claim.
Once I’ve approved your membership, begin posting!
As you complete prompts, add them to your table.
When you finish, comment here and you will recieve your banner. :)

You can join the community at any time, but you won't get posting access until after I've accepted your claim (which I will, as long as no one else has it). If you want to join and watch and comment, feel free. You won't be able to post unless you have a claim, however.

Rules and FAQ:

No plagarizing, and no stealing. If you would like to use an image from someone in this community, ask their permission. Some people are really open to sharing, and some aren’t.

All art goes under a cut. You can see how to do that here.

No flames. We play nice here.

Once you sign up, I will give you two tags. Please use them.

You can’t claim OCs or actors.

There’s no deadline, but if you don’t post anything in a while (several months to a year) I'll contact you to make sure you're still active and interested in keeping your claim.

All pairings, subject matter, ratings, kinks, squicks, etc. are allowed, but make sure your art is clearly labeled. Due to LJ's strikethrough, you must make it clear that incest, chan, and extreme kink in your work is fictional.

Any medium is allowed. Fine art, digital art, comics, manips. As long as it's your own art. They can be sketches or fully rendered pieces, but they should fit a prompt.

If you want to put a short story or poem with the art, you can do that too, but this community is primarily art-based. Those also go under a cut.

Don’t post anything you’ve done before you stated your claim. The idea is to create 50 or 100 new pieces.

If you claim a group or pairing, every character in that group or pairing doesn't have to be in every picture. In the case of pairings, the pairing should be at least implied in most of the pieces. If, however, you do some that only have one character of the pairing, I don't mind. If you claim one character, that character shouldn't be in the same pairing in every (or even most) of the pieces.

Cross-posting is fine. So are fake-cuts.

Your posts should include your name, characters, rating, and any applicable warnings.

Questions? E-mail me at pinkelephant042@yahoo.com or comment on any post with a mod tag.

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